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School Construction Involves Lots of Aluminium Fabrication

Educational institutions are facilities that benefit from electing to install aluminium structures on campuses. From making seats for toddlers to making huge stands in playgrounds, we at Norweld have the expertise to provide cost effective solutions to the installation of purpose-built aluminium constructions on any campus from kindergartens to universities. Whether you are planning school construction from scratch or interested in school aluminium fabrication at a later stage to add to existing facilities or structures, we have the workforce to handle all projects efficiently and promptly.

School Aluminium Fabrication Requires Strength and Finesse

Of all places where aluminium may be used, schools require high quality aluminium fabrication to ensure the safety of students. As the safety of students is a prime concern, all aluminium structures whether bench seats, stands, railings, or awnings and louvres, must be built and installed to meet building regulations and government safety standards.  We are experts at aluminium fabrication for school campuses and have been providing our services to educational institutions for over 40 years.


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