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If you are fond of boating and own a boat, you know the importance of the fuel tank and how essential it is to keep it safe. This is precisely the reason why more and more boat owners choose aluminium marine fuel tanks.

Aluminium is one metal that is not affected by water. It is lightweight and corrosion proof and surprisingly, it is also cheaper than steel.

We, at Norweld, manufacture marine grade aluminium tanks that have become very popular among boat owners because they are the strong, light, corrosion- free alternative to steel tanks.

Boat Fuel Tank has to be Corrosion Free

It is no secret that fuel tanks in boats of all kinds need to be corrosion free as they do come in contact with water. The aluminium tank is the preferred choice of most of our clients because it is not only unaffected by water, it is also lightweight, strong, and durable. We take pride in the fact that we provide high quality, custom made tanks to our customers.


29 Litre and 15 Litre – Available custom orders only 2-3 week lead time


Universal Outlet Pipe – suits all types of motors.
No vent screws to lose – just release the cap.
No faulty level indicators Рuse visual or dip method through large filler cap. Incorporated lifting handle and hose wrap for storage. Unique strength advantages Рextremely tough and require no maintenance.

Tanks can be fabricated to order.

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Our Portable Aluminium Fuel Tanks are the end product of 15 years testing in the most rugged conditions, and remember, they are Unconditionally Guaranteed For Life Against Faulty Workmanship.

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