Aluminium Louvers & Handrails

Aluminium is a lightweight and durable metal that can provide long lasting and cost effective solutions to the problems of louvres, handrails, balustrade, and awnings as it can be easily worked and put into place. Whether you want aluminium louvres and aluminium handrails installed in a home or a commercial setting, Norweld is one company that is ready to take all challenging jobs in and around Cairns in Australia. Allow us to turn your dream into reality with our expertise in the field of aluminium fabrication.

Aluminium Awnings & Aluminium Balustrades

If you have an open patio space and you want to cover it in such a manner so as to have shade when you want and sunshine when you like it, there is no better option than aluminium awnings. Aluminium balustrade and a railing installed inside a home or an office not only makes for a beautiful structure, it is also strong and very efficient. We have an experienced workforce that can install aluminium handrails in all settings in a short time in the most efficient manner. Aluminium can be used outdoors without any worries as it does not rust after coming into contact with water as is the case with steel or timber railings.

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