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Aluminium offcuts and extrusion

Aluminium Materials and Offcuts:

Aluminium is a very versatile metal used in many applications and industries but often it is found that the size required for that specific job is less than the standard size sold off-the-shelf.  This is where aluminium offcuts come in handy. At Norweld, we generate aluminium offcuts from time to time that we sell at greatly reduced prices. This fulfils the requirements of those customers who want the metal at cheaper prices and cannot buy a whole length, sheet or bar. This is not aluminium scrap mind you, as every piece of offcut sold is quality material.

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Aluminium socket, Aluminium nipples, Aluminium filler cap, aluminium hinges

Aluminium & Stainless Steel Fittings and Hardware:

Norweld stock a broad range of hardware options for a wide range of applications. From a replacement weld on hinge to upgraded stainless steel latches on your toolbox- chances are we have something to help with your projects

Aluminium fittings and stainless hardware include: weld on sockets and nipples bsp thread. Aluminium filler caps and deck fillers. Norweld design tow eyes for boats etc.

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4MM Tank

Storage Boxes & Tanks:

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